General Store Pawn Cash Loans in Chelsea Call


Fountain Drinks

Both Pepsi and Coke!  Stop by and pick up a quick refreshment of your favorite flavor!  The Crushed Ice is wonderful.

Candy and Snacks

Great place to come for after school snacks!  All kinds of Beef Jerky, nuts, and Candy!

Convenience Store, Hot Box, & Deli!  Order # 918-789-3191

General Store Pawn pawn cash loans, great hot box food as well a a deli!  Come give it a try today.  You can get  pawn cash loans in Chelsea while picking up dinner!

 Pawn Cash Loans in Chelsea!!!

Trade with us

We would love to trade with you.  Our main goal is to keep a place to trade in the heart of Chelsea.  With the other businesses moving to be on Route 66, we want to do what we can to keep supplies closer to you.

Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances, and Electronics!

Don't keep spending the money driving to a laundry mat.  Own your own appliances and save some money!  Tables, Beds, Sofas, Recliners, and More!

Chelsea 918-789-5000

Nowata 918-273-5505

Fast Easy Loans

A great place to get cash fast.  Don't mess with the hassle of banks and extensive paperwork just to get a quick loan.  Come talk to us today.

Toiletries & Household Supplies

A convenient place to pick up your necessity items.  Now there will be no need to drive across town for those quickly needed items. 


Come enjoy the selection of both new and pre-owned guns!  


​$225 full of tools

Cash Loans in Nowata Call