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Grocery in Chelsea, Pawn Cash Loans in Chelsea and Nowata OK, rent to own in Chelsea, Hometown Furniture  and more!

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General Store Pawn

It’s important to know where you can get money safely and fast when needed.  Pawn shops are very quickly becoming the place to shop and trade.  People love the fact that they never know what they may find. Great selection of guns and ammo!  At General Store Pawn there is something for everyone!

  • Convenience Store
  • Pawn and Cash Loans
  • Guns
  • Fountain Drinks
  • 8 & 20 # Bags of Ice!
  • Candy and Snacks
  • Nowata and Chelsea Locations! 

Our Products:

Somewhere you can Buy, Sell, and Trade!

We want you to have a place you can buy the daily items you need as well as sell any unwanted items.  Trading with General Store Pawn is as easy as it gets.  One cool convince store!  Largest Convienence store in town!

A New Place to Trade!

We appreciate your business and will strive to keep you supplied with products you need.  Come trade with us!

Pawn has become a common way to get money fast.  Less paperwork and hassle than banks.  Just bring in something of value and get a loan fast.  No credit checks needed! 

Bring in items you wish to sell and get cash fast!  We will buy your items in addition to pawn.


Come by and take a look at the variety of items that are available for sale at General Store Pawn Pawn Cash Loans in Chelsea and Nowata. Furniture Sales also going on Daily!

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